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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Readers' Cup magazine

We should subscribe to this brilliant mag:

Readers' Cup

Take a look at the movie poster for the Readers' Cup...

CD on sale from SLAV for a measly $35. Save time and hassle by using questions, answers and templates already produced...

Ha ha

Though you might like a laugh.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Chris Isaak

Hey does anyone else love Chris Isaak? I remember a quote from him some years ago saying that he was sure that there was a librarian somewhere out there waiting for him.... let's form a queue shall we?

Unfortunately, I missed out on tickets to see him this time, I was too slow.

Friday, November 03, 2006

World ebook Fair

Impressed and unimpressed with World eBook Fair. Loved that you could downlaod full text books such as Bleak House and Pride and Prejudice (Pity I bought a copy of Bleak House yesterday.)

Don't like some of the spoken word audio files. Peter Rabbit was not a great recording, the voice American for a British story and the reader not particularly adept at entertaining me, let alone a child... Some pronunciation was woeful.

Overall though this is a useful site and I would like to explore it more in the future.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Is this the end???

My favourite discoveries were blogging, Flickr, Zohowriter and Googledocs. There's plenty more for me to discover over the coming weeks and months.

I guess this program has assisted me to see lifelong learning in broader terms, not just structured face-to-face 'book learning'.

I was surprised by YouTube. I thought it was just a site for kids with too much time on their hands!

Some podcasts and videos that were part of the program were broken or very slow to load and I couldn't access NetLibrary at all due to not having a PLCMC library card.

I enjoyed the program and wouldn't hesitate to participate in something similar.


Computer said no....

Not sure about anyone else, but I couldn't join PLCMC so couldn't access NetLibrary.
'Computer said no.....'


I found a Hamish and Andy podcast that I was looking for through Yahoo podcasts. There were heaps of learning 2.0 podcasts, you just have to ensure you search by episode rather than series... I added an RSS feed to my bloglines account for a Harry Potter podcast.


Libraries could make training videos on how to use a computer, etc. and upload them onto youtube. I had some kids (when I was teaching) who participated in the Readers' Cup and created a fantastic rap about the book Holes. When trying to explain to people how great the Readers' Cup is, it wuold be great to be able to give them the link to youtube. Of course, with school age kids, all sorts of permissions would apply and there is no way that you can monitor or stop certain people watching the video.

The site has lots of rubbish on it, but also some great stuff. I guess it's like the way someone likened the internet to the world's biggest library with all of the books on the floor! Kind of like this youtube video..

Web 2.0 tools

I like Wayfaring. It's a map maker and you can make a map of where you have travelled across the world, a map of where you're hosting an event and create a map of your life. It is aimed at the US market, so it is easier to use if your location is in the US. However, I managed to map a trip I did to the UK a few years ago.

Zohowriter 2 and Google docs

I redid this post to appear at the top as saving it from Zohowriter meant using a US time and the post appeared below ones I had already completed..does that make sense??

I also joined googledocs and love it. What a great idea. It makes things so much simpler. Remember when Immigration used to deport people for arriving with their CV when on a tourist visa? Googledocs and Zohowriter means the end of that.....


This is me using Zohowriter. This is a fantastic tool which saves you carrying around USB sticks or wondering which version of a document is the lastest. Looking forward to using ZohoShow. Bye for now.

PB Wiki

I found this easy as I had used Wikis before. Looking forward to youtube...


I have already used Wikis before. Previously I held a voluntary position as with an International Aid Agency. We were all members of our own wiki site where we kept documents that any member of the committee could edit. We also kept a 'central filing cabinet' where minutes of meetings, policies, etc. could be accessed.

I do like the idea of a new wikipedia where only experts can change and update data (I think it's called Community wiki). I think Wikipedia is a great idea but too open to those who wish to make changes that are not necessarily correct.

Libraries could use wikis for users to review books, add data such as sales rankings of items. Word of mouth and peer recommendation is more powerful than librarian recommendation (at least in schools where I used to work) and a library wiki using reviews would be a great starting point for someone wanting to read something, but not sure what to select.

Library 2.0

Hmmm... I do agree with Michael Stephen's thoughts in Web 2.0 about a library being more a state of mind than an actual place these days. Although we still have vast numbers of visitors through the library doors, we also have many people using our online resources from home or work.

John J Riemer's To better bibliographic services interests me in relation to searching for bibliographic records and the ability for users to add content, such as reviews, sales figures, etc. for items.

Library 2.0. Kind of scary, but very powerful! Every day there are new and different ways to add to the library experience, but being able to implement these ideas and tools has to be thought through thoroughly.



This is me using Zohowriter. This is a fantastic tool which saves you carrying around USB sticks or wondering which version of a document is the lastest. Looking forward to using ZohoShow. Bye for now.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I have claimed my blog with Technorati and here is the link:

Technorati Profile

I tagged some of my posts and did a search of Technorati and found quite a few posts by YPRL people.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Just a laugh

Haven't done my next task yet, but felt like having a laugh...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I can see how useful this site could be for organisations. Having all the bookmarked sites available to all of the computers is very handy.

'I heart technology' also put me onto Pandora: Have a go, make your own radio station and see what you think.